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Gowe Corp is an Argentinean firm dedicated to the commercialization of food products, specializing in beef, lamb, rabbit meat and fish.

Gowe Corp has been a trading/brokerage firm for 25 years. Its owner and C.E.O. is Mr. Luis Gauweloose, who has lived in several countries and is fluent in English, Portuguese, Italian, French and Spanish.

Gowe Corp has a skilled. professional and multilingual staff that specializes in the meat export and commercialization business, always bearing in consideration the customs of the trade, as well as the specific requirements of each destination and client.
We provide a round-the-clock (24 hours / 7 days a week ) service of a commercial desk; logistic and freight service; custom house appliance service and can export by air, sea, rail and road.-

Since Gowe Corp was originated, we have successfully established a continued and profitable business relationship with the main meat & livestock exporters of Argentina, Uruguay! , Chile and Brazil, commercializing products to importers and industries of South America, Europe, Africa and Asia, especially to Middle East countries.